Sorting buttons into sizes and colours in a Refurbishment Centre


Your volunteer opportunities in our Refurbishment Centres

There are so many opportunities, there must be one for you! 


Please see what we offer and what we expect at bottom of page.  Click on the Heading for a full role description

Tool Sorting and Welcome Team

It's all hands on deck when the vans come back loaded with tools.  A friendly welcome is always needed when a supporter brings in tools to donate. ​  Then, with a van unloaded into our donation bay, the tools need to be sorted into trades and either boxed up to be sent on to another centre for refurbishing or sorted into crates for the refurbishing teams across the centre to collect.  

Tool Refurbishing Team

In each of our centres,  we have teams of people refurbishing tools.  This ranges from saw sharpening, plane restoration, drill sharpening and any number of other tasks to ensure all the tools go on to last many more years.

PAT Testing and Power Tools Team

All power tools need PAT testing and checking to ensure they are safe to use.  It may just mean replacing a plug, or it can be taking the cover off for a detailed inspection.  Power tools range from DIY drills to large free standing industrial pillar drills.

Tool Kit Assembling Team

Following detailed kit lists, teams assemble, Builders' Kits, Carpenters' Kits, Plumbers' Kits. Electricians' Kits plus Carpentry and Mechanics' Workshop Kits.



Sewing Machine Refurbishing Team

​We send literally thousands of Sewing Machines to Africa ranging from treadle, manual, electric and industrial.  We have a great team who inspect, repair and refurbish all our machines.  Full training is given.

Knitting Machine Refurbishing Team​

Knitting machines also need inspecting, repairing and refurbishing and we have a small team keeping us well stocked with ready to send machines.  Full training is given.

Haberdashery Team

Every sewing machine goes out with a Haberdashery Kit with cottons, buttons and an assortment of things needed by a tailor.  The Haberdashery Team put thousands of these kits together every year.  They also sort through donated materials and box it up to send to Africa.

​Hand Knitting and Wool Team

Knitting Machines are sent out with sacks of machine wool which the Knitting Team sort out.  They also prepare Hand Knitting Kits comprising needles, patterns and everything a hand knitter may need.

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Tool Refurbisher

What attracted you to this volunteering role?

I retired having spent 20 years as a lab technician and wanted to use my practical skills and experience to benefit a community organisation.  I saw this role advertised and liked the idea of giving people the chance to learn new skills and lift themselves out of poverty.

What is a typical volunteering day for you?

I arrive at 10am and after a drink and chat, see what the days jobs are.  I spend most time working on all sorts of old sewing machines, each with its own challenges,  but also help with incoming donations and tidying the workshop. Lunchtime is a social time and the afternoon is quite short as we finish at 3pm   



IT Refurbishing Team

​Computers are in huge demand and the IT team wipe donated computers and laptops to Government Security standards and reinstall the operating system and software.  They also add memory and upgrade older computers.

Container Loading Team

Finally everything has to be prepared and loaded into containers to ship to Africa.  This team helps to get the kits together for loading and then finally help to load the container.

Van Drivers and loaders

We also have driving teams who go out throughout England and Wales collecting tools from our volunteer collectors.  This means helping to load and unload the van, plus the opportunity to meet many of our collectors and supporters.

What we offer

You can expect:

  1. A warm welcome into a friendly team

  2. An induction into the role and building

  3. Regular reviews to ensure you are happy with the work you are doing and the support you are receiving

  4. Training where required

  5. A volunteer handbook

  6. A named contact for support

What we expect

We expect:

  1. You to be diligent and accurate in your role

  2. To be polite and respectful to your fellow volunteers, staff and supporters

  3. To follow Health and Safety Guidelines

  4. To ask if you need help

  5. To volunteer on a regular agreed basis each week

  6. To be committed and reliable

  7. To be flexible and open to help where needed

  8. Finally to enjoy yourself in the friendly, welcoming TWAM family!

Interested in joining us?  Then please apply online or download the application from here