Volunteer Speakers

This is a great role for anyone who likes meeting people and being out front.  We need people who can deliver a talk or sermon with passion.  Ideally people who are familiar with PowerPoint and are willing to use modern media methods.  We have requests from all sorts of groups, from Churches, Community Groups, Rotary Clubs, Schools and any number of other organisations.  You will need to let us know what groups you are comfortable going to and we would only expect Christians to speak on our behalf to faith groups.  However we have lots of non-faith based opportunities, so please don't let this put you off.


You will be provided with a Volunteer Speaker pack containing scripts for sermons and general talks.  These are accompanied by PowerPoint presentations and A3 photos should PowerPoint not be available.  You will also be given all our latest resources and have access to up to date case studies should you wish to put together your own talks.  Whether you use one of our talks or one of your own we do ask that you leave people with the challenge to support us through tools, financial support and if appropriate prayer.

You will find all our up to date leaflets on our main website


The way it works

Generally groups ring the Ipswich Head Office requesting a speaker.  We will then let them know the details of their nearest speaker (phone number and TWAM email) and they will get in touch with you direct to agree the date of the meeting and what is required.  After the meeting

What we offer

Volunteer speakers are given:

  1. A Volunteer Speaker Pack

  2. A TWAM email to use (e.g.: myname@twam.uk)

  3. A TWAM branded polo shirt

  4. A TWAM identity card 

  5. A Volunteer Handbook

  6. The opportunity to receive a monthly volunteer e-newsletter

  7. An invitation to supporter TWAM Days

  8. Up to date leaflets to give out

  9. Reimbursement of travel expenses for longer journeys

Volunteer Speakers can pop in to any of our Centres, ring up to speak to our office staff if they need resources or have any questions and are always welcome at our head office and main Refurbishment Centre.  

We will take your safety seriously and have a Personal Safety and Lone Working Policy to support you.

You can expect to be valued and treated with respect at all times.  

What we expect

In return we expect you to respond to requests from people wanting talks in a timely manner.  This doesn't mean reading your emails every day, but at least twice a week and responding to phone messages as soon as you can.  We understand people are busy and have time away and always point this out to people making enquiries, but we do need the people who are our face-to-face contact to give a good impression.

We expect you to be a good communicator and able to express a passion for what we do.  We expect you to be polite and helpful at all times.  We are a caring charity and want that care to be obvious to people you speak to.

We expect you to carry up to date leaflets and place some of these on a table at every meeting. This is really important as it gives people a brilliant overview of what we do with their tools, the need for financial support and why we value their prayers.

Overall we expect you to reflect our professionalism and compassion and leave people inspired by the work we do.

You can see a role description here

Interested in joining us?  Then please apply online or download the application form here

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Volunteer Speaker

What attracted you to volunteering for TWAM?

I really believed in the TWAM ethos and values and wanted to make a positive contribution to the organisation's collective goals, impact and success.


What does a typical speaking engagement entail for you?  

I cover quite a wide geographical area and many of the groups I talk to  meet in church and village halls. I will talk usually for around 35 minutes using a range of photos and TWAM Literature to enhance the talk and usually finish off with the opportunity for any questions.  I'll often go back about 3-4 weeks later to collect anything the group may have collected tool wise


What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

I meet some fabulous people who want to help and who believe like myself in what we do.  It's great too to meet and make friends with many volunteer drivers, admin staff and other volunteers.