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Volunteer Speaker

Volunteer role description

Where will I be volunteering?  

You will be based at home but can expect to speak at various locations in your local area.

What commitment is expected from me?

There is no minimum or maximum commitment we expect.  You are free to accept talk requests or not and to generate your own talks if you wish.


What will I be helping to achieve?

Passing on TWAM’s message to groups in the community.

What will I mainly be doing?

Talking to groups in your local community leaving them with the challenge to support TWAM through tools, financially, by volunteering or where appropriate, prayer.  These groups are diverse in nature and may include churches, schools, rotary clubs and many others.

What strengths and skills will be helpful for this role?

You need to like meeting people and to be happy to be out front.  You should be able to deliver a talk or sermon with passion.  Ideally you will be familiar with PowerPoint and modern media methods.  

What support can I expect to receive?

A Full induction and volunteer handbook on starting.  You will also be provided with a speakers pack containing scripts, PowerPoint presentations and other resources.  You will also have a named contact whilst you are volunteering.


What can I expect from volunteering with TWAM?

The warm satisfaction of being able to make a difference.  A chance to meet new people and learn new skills.  A reference if required for a future employer.

What do I do now?

Complete a short form online or download the application form here​. 

We’ll then take up references and invite you for an informal chat with one of our team either in person or over the phone depending where you live

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