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Tool Ambassador

We rely on our local Tool Ambassadors to collect the tools that we refurbish and send to Africa. Without our Tool Ambassadors, TWAM would not exist. The main role is to collect tools from the general public either personally or by operating as a tool drop off point. 


We'll give you a TWAM email and put your details (just your name, area, and TWAM email) on our website so that people can find you. 


You'll get a TWAM polo shirt and fleece and support every step of the way.


Our Tool Ambassadors are our local friendly face in the community. Many Tool Ambassadors also speak to local groups on our behalf, attend local events such as farmer's markets, and arrange meetings to spread the word.  

One of our Volunteer Tool Ambassadors

Meet Stephen

''I love the very random nature of calls. One day I can be called to pick up chisels which a regular supporter sharpens and fits into home-turned handles, then the next I can be picking up 3 sewing machines from places in 3 adjoining towns!

It gives me the opportunity to meet many generous and thoughtful people. Despite what you might think if you read the press, there is a lot of goodwill in this world!''

Stephen Spencer.jpg


This role is home based as you will collect tools from members of the public in your own locality.


You can therefore live anywhere in England and Wales

(excluding Devon and Cornwall).

Time commitment

Members of the public may contact you at any time. You will arrange a time that suits you to go and pick up their tools.

Stay in touch

Sign up to our email newsletter to hear uplifting stories of tools changing lives, and how essential our volunteers are to our work.

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