Volunteer Area Development Coordinators


This is a great role for anyone who likes meeting people and networking.  It's about looking for opportunities to promote TWAM and to raise our profile.  This may mean asking to put literature into local churches, asking groups such as Rotary if they would be interested in having a speaker, or even organising an event.  It also means mobilising our other volunteers in your area to support you.  You will hopefully have enthusiastic collectors, a speaker or two,  and even a Refurbishment Centre to work with. If not, there's your first challenge, a recruitment drive!

This role is about understanding the community you live in, where the opportunities are to raise our profile, where to look for speaking engagements and the people or groups who might organise a tool collection.  Lots of churches have harvest services and TWAM is a great choice to suggest.

For a person who can show initiative and likes engaging with people, this is a great role.

The way it works

Generally it is down to the Area Development Coordinator to determine what works for them in their area and then ask for the support they need from head office.  This may be pull up banners and resources, or introductions to our local collectors and speakers.  It may mean calling in one of our vans to support a tool collection event.

Sometimes enquiries come into TWAM from churches and groups wanting to hold an event and we would pass these on to you to liaise direct.

What we offer

Area Development Coordinators are given:

  1. A TWAM email to use (e.g.: myname@twam.uk)

  2. A TWAM branded polo shirt

  3. A TWAM identity card 

  4. A Volunteer Handbook

  5. The opportunity to receive a monthly volunteer e-newsletter

  6. An invitation to supporter TWAM Days

  7. Up to date leaflets to give out

  8. Reimbursement of travel expenses for longer journeys

  9. Head office support

They can pop in to any of our Centres, ring up to speak to our office staff if they need resources or have questions and are always welcome at our head office and main Refurbishment Centre.  

We will take your safety seriously and have a Personal Safety and Lone Working Policy to support you.

You can expect to be valued and treated with respect at all times.  

What we expect

In return we expect you to respond to requests from people wanting information and to discuss holding events in a timely manner.  This doesn't mean reading your emails every day, but at least twice a week and responding to phone messages as soon as you can.  We understand people are busy and have time away and always point this out to people asking for collections, but we do need the people who are our face-to-face contact to give a good impression.

We expect you to be a good communicator, organiser and able to express a passion for what we do.  We expect you to be polite and helpful at all times.  We are a caring charity and want that care to be obvious to the people you work with.

We expect you to show initiative and have the ability to complete the tasks you commit to.

We expect you to keep us informed of your work for us, so we can support you and be aware of the activities going on in our name.

Overall we expect you to reflect our professionalism and compassion.

See Full Role Description

Interested in joining us?  Then please apply online or download the application form here