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TWAM Van Team

Van Champion

TWAM Van Champions go out on the road in a TWAM van, either driving or acting as the driver's mate. Our van drivers are our champions of the road as they collect tools from our nationwide team of local Tool Ambassadors, our amazing volunteer tool collectors, and deliver them to our Refurbishment Centres.  

TWAM Van Champions drive our vans and also help load and unload the tools. It's a great way to see the country while meeting lots of passionate and dedicated TWAM volunteers.


TWAM operates a fleet of modern vans with friendly teams of van champions.


Ipswich, Rugby, Maidstone, Aldershot, and Redcar.

Time commitment

It would be really helpful if you volunteered regularly, ideally on an agreed day(s) every week, although due to the nature of the role, it would be great if you had some flexibility

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