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Volunteer Speaker

What attracted you to volunteering for TWAM?

I really believe in the TWAM ethos and values and wanted to make a positive contribution to the organisation's collective goals, impact and success.


What does a typical speaking engagement entail for you?

I cover quite a wide geographical area and many of the groups I talk to  meet in church and village halls. I will talk usually for around 35 minutes using a range of photos and TWAM Literature to enhance the talk and usually finish off with the opportunity for any questions.  I'll often go back about 3-4 weeks later to collect anything the group may have collected tool wise


What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

I meet some fabulous people who want to help and who believe like myself in what we do.  It's great too to meet and make friends with many volunteer drivers, admin staff and other volunteers.


And what has been one of your highlights?

I’m often treated to tea and biscuits… seriously though probably the greatest reward and highlight is engaging with a range of people who through their small  but collective contributions can make a big difference


What would you say you have gained from this role?

New Friends, and a warm feeling of knowing that through passing on the message to other people I am helping to make a real difference to someone's life.

Why would you recommend volunteering with TWAM to other people?

You can make a difference to someone's future through the time you spend, however much or little, and at the same time you can make great friends and share experiences.   


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