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Start a Local Group

Local groups make such a difference as they bring together like-minded people to collect tools, run tool collection events, and promote TWAM in their area.


They are great ways to encourage friendship and share mutual enthusiasm for tools, recycling, and practical care. Many of the groups are church-based, but they don't have to be, they just need a couple of keen people to get them started and a place to store tools and hopefully do some basic sorting and refurbishment. Spare garages and garden sheds make a good start.

If you are interested in starting a group, we will put you in touch with a current group so you can ask questions and even go along and visit them. You will also have the full support of our Volunteering Coordinator, Paul Daley, in Ipswich.  

We have lots of resources for you and ideas on how to start up and how to link with your local community. Please download the full description on the right or get in touch with Paul for more information.


telephone: 01473 210220


Within England and Wales

Time commitment

Each group decide how often they meet, what tasks they will do and when they will do them, but we do like our local groups to be busy and active in their community.

So what is a TWAM Local Group and what difference does it make?

It’s all about local people getting together to:

1. Collect tools from the general public
2. Sort the tools, so only the ones needed for Africa are sent to our refurbishment centres.
3. Sell unneeded or unsuitable tools at boot fairs or tools days. Tools that are broken beyond repair are sold for scrap or sent to recycling centres.
4. Refurbish tools. Local groups will need access to a garage or similar to store tools
and a room or even a large garden shed where they can do basic refurbishment. This might mean sharpening chisels, replacing broken handles and removing rust. What the local group chooses to do is completely up to them.

5. Promote TWAM in their area to encourage tool donations and recruit more volunteers. This may mean speaking to local community groups and churches, working with Rotary, doing tool collections outside supermarkets and even appearing on local radio.
6. Organise Fundraising events to support both the local group and TWAM.
7. Liaise with their TWAM Van to arrange for collection of their tools.

Local groups have a great community spirit and camaraderie, and often hold social events alongside their TWAM activities. They also have a named contact within TWAM and receive all the support they need. This will include:

1. A Local Group handbook
2. A TWAM email
3. A dedicated page on our website
4. Access to TWAM resources
5. Speaker pack and equipment
6. TWAM fleeces and polo-shirts will be provided for everyone
7. Invitations to TWAM events and regular visits from TWAM staff for encouragement, support and information.

Meet our Chichester local group

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