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Volunteer Collector

What attracted you to volunteering for TWAM and to this role in particular?

I have always been involved in the public sector and since retirement felt I needed to take on a “useful” role.  Having spent many holidays in the third world, I have seen the need first hand for charities like TWAM to help people start work through giving tools. I have  always been a hands on person and while I would like to be undertaking tool refurbishment, Ipswich was a step too far travel-wise. so Tool collection seemed the next best option for me.


What is a typical volunteering day like for you?

A typical day is a trip out by appointment to meet one or more people who wish to donate tools to TWAM. I introduce myself and hand over a “thank you” leaflet and then load the tools they have to give. Sometimes a second trip is required as I only have a small car. People then usually wish to chat about common interests which I enjoy.

What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

My favourite thing about this small role is engaging with people in a positive way who have shared values. and also that II get out out and about and meet interesting people, some of whom are real characters.


What is one of the most unusual or funniest things you have been asked to collect?

Most of the tools I’ve collected so far have been strictly functional. However some antique items do appear and one such was a collection of 1950s Wolf power tools all carefully looked after and still mostly usable.

Why would you recommend volunteering with TWAM to other people?

Volunteering for TWAM is a rewarding role that only requires an hour or two  per week. Knowing that you are part of a team effort making a small difference where most needed, is the reward.

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