Refurbishment Centre Manager (Volunteer)

What attracted you to TWAM and to this role in particular?

I have worked with my hands all my life, in agricultural engineering, the building industry and with motors and engines.  I am the sort of person who ‘needs’ to be busy and I really enjoy handling quality hand tools. I also found myself, a stranger in a foreign (Welsh) town where I knew nobody.  Through church I found others in a similar situation who were volunteering for TWAM and so got involved and found purpose and friendship. My life skills in various capacities meant I had had experience in running meetings and organising people so managing the centre was a natural progression for me when the need arose.

As a volunteer yourself, whats your favourite thing about volunteering?

There is something spiritual in restoring something which has sustained a craftsman and his family, often all their life.  Something of the craftsman remains with the tools and I find it a privilege to clean them and restore them to full working order, so someone somewhere can place their hands on them and make a living for their family.

As the Centre Manager, what do you find the most rewarding and the most challenging about working with the volunteers in your centre?

I think that the reward for myself as for many of us is simply working with TWAM and the camaraderie that comes with it.  An added reward is as a local charity, we are offered tickets twice a year to the opera dress rehearsal at Cardiff Millennium Centre which is a real treat.  The challenge is we need more volunteers. We are operating at less than half capacity and none of us are getting any younger so we need flesh blood.

What do you think are the benefits of volunteering?

I think the benefits have already been covered  - camaraderie, something to keep the mind and body occupied and an opportunity to know you are making a real difference to someone, that you will literally be able to turn their life around


And finally, in a brief sentence why do you think people should consider volunteering for TWAM and at your centre in particular?

It's a great cause making a massive difference.   You should volunteer with TWAM Cymru as they are a great bunch of people and by doing so you will be a massive cog in the wheel to the centre unleashing the full potential it has within Wales

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