Penarth Refurbishment  Centre

Unit Manager: Roger Flambert  

Address: Dingle Lane, Penarth, South Wales.  CF64 2ET 

Opening times: 9.15 to 12.15 every Tuesday and Thursday

Our current site will be closing at the end of the year, but we're looking to move to another premises where we can focus on receiving and sorting tools.  We still hope to do some refurbishment in our own homes.


So if you are interested in joining our team we would love to hear from you. We look for opportunities to promote TWAM and attend local exhibitions and occasionally hand out leaflets at our local supermarket.

Outside of our unit
Refurbishing tools
An inside centre view
The haberdashery area
Busy in the workshop
2 volunteers at work
One of our lady volunteers
Looking forward to volunteering
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Our volunteer opportunities

For a description of each the volunteer roles available please go to the Join our Workshop Team and Join our Van Team pages.


We have the following teams:

Tool Sorting and Welcome Team

Tool Refurbishing Team

Sewing Machine Refurbishing Team

Haberdashery Team

PAT Testing Team

Some of our volunteers stick to one team, but many help out wherever needed. 

Interested in joining us?  Then here's what happens next:

The next step would be to ring or email us and arrange to pop in for an informal chat and tour.  Alternatively you could fill in the online application form or download the paper copy.  It's very short!  After that we will take up references and if they are OK we'll arrange for you to come for an induction and discuss what you would like to do it.  Then with a training session booked, you're all set to go!

Interested in joining us?  Then please apply online or download the application form here. 

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Refurbishment Centre Manager (Volunteer)

What attracted you to TWAM and to this role in particular?

I have worked with my hands all my life, in agricultural engineering, the building industry and with motors and engines.  I am the sort of person who ‘needs’ to be busy and I really enjoy handling quality hand tools. I also found myself, a stranger in a foreign (Welsh) town where I knew nobody.  Through church I found others in a similar situation who were volunteering for TWAM and so got involved and found purpose and friendship. My life skills in various capacities meant I had had experience in running meetings and organising people so managing the centre was a natural progression for me when the need arose.

As a volunteer yourself, what is your favourite thing about volunteering?

There is something spiritual in restoring something which has sustained a craftsman and his family, often all their life.  Something of the craftsman remains with the tools and I find it a privilege to clean them and restore them to full working order, so someone somewhere can place their hands on them and make a living for their family. 


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Tool Refurbisher

 What attracted you to volunteering for TWAM and to this role in particular?

I moved from a London based office business to retirement in South Wales and whilst I was helping out members of my wife's family practically, I still had time on my hands.  I heard via a local church that a group of retirees were refurbishing tools to send to Africa so went to investigate and discovered TWAM. There I found a number of volunteers hard at work restoring broken rusted tools to usefulness and for a great cause.  This convinced me straight away that this was really rewarding and a worthwhile use of my time.


What is a typical volunteering shift for you like?

I help on a Tuesday morning and my first task is to put on my overalls and find the manager to see what the priorities are that day.  There may be sorting or cleaning and sharpening. My specific normal role though is dealing with hand drills of all types. I dismantle,  clean and oil them, and then put them back together before a final test. Sometimes I will go out and collect tools from a member of the public which is always a great opportunity to explain what we do, where the tools may go and how they will help change the lives of many destitute people.


What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

It gives me a sense of purpose and companionship with like minded men and women but the best thing for me is that in my small way I'm helping someone in the ‘developing world’ to receive equipment, training, starting a business and therefore putting bread on the families table.  How good is that ?!   

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