Tools with a Mission Volunteer Charter

We greatly value our volunteers, people giving freely of their time, skills and energy to benefit TWAM.  We encourage diversity and the views and the input that volunteers make.  This charter lays out what we ask of our volunteers and  what we commit to provide in return.


 We will aim to provide

  1.  A warm welcome into a friendly team

  2.  A full induction into the role and the building, where appropriate.

  3.  Regular review sessions to ensure you are happy with the work you are doing and the support you are receiving

  4.  Training where required

  5.  A volunteer handbook

  6.  A Named contact for support and advice

  7.  Reimbursement of volunteer expenses agreed

  8.  Adequate Insurance cover for volunteers while undertaking agreed TWAM duties

  9.  A reference if requested for employment or other purpose

In return we ask that you

  1. Are diligent and accurate in your role

  2. Are polite and respectful to your fellow volunteers, TWAM staff and supporters

  3. Follow Health and Safety guidelines and familiarise yourself with and observe TWAM policies

  4. Ask if you need help

  5. Volunteer on a regular agreed basis each week and let your named contact know if you can’t make it

  6. When representing TWAM, that you conduct yourself in a fitting way

  7. Let us know if there are things you think we can change or improve

  8. Are flexible and willing to help where needed

  9. Enjoy yourself as part of the friendly and welcoming TWAM family

  10. And finally, if your circumstances change, or you find you no longer have time to volunteer or simply wish to stop,  to let us know as soon as possible