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TWAM Local Groups

In several locations, we have groups of volunteers who have got together to organise themselves into local groups. They work together to promote TWAM in their community through talks and attending local events. They collect tools and sort them before a TWAM van collection. Some of the groups also carry out basic refurbishment such as removing rust and sharpening. All have some kind of storage space, from a room in a local church to a big shed in a garden or garage space.

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TWAM currently has four local groups:


Contact: Alan Smith


Contact: Mike Redhead

Sutton Coldfield

Contact: George Young


Contact: Vic Denoual

You can contact them directly if you live in their area and would like to find out more.

We are always looking for more local groups, so if you are interested in starting one, please contact Paul Daley our Volunteering Coordinator at to discuss how we can help you and what we are looking for from these groups.

You can download the Local Group leaflet here

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