IT Refurbishing Team

Volunteer role description

Where will I be volunteering?

Currently we have IT refurbishment at the Ipswich refurbishment centre

What commitment is expected from me?

It would be really helpful if you volunteered regularly, ideally on an agreed day/s every week

What will I be helping to achieve?

Ensuring that IT  equipment is cleaned to Government standards and that the machine is then prepared for shipping as part

of a consignment.

What are the main things I will be doing?

  • Wiping donated IT equipment to Government Security standards.

  • Reinstalling the operating system and software on donated equipment.

  • Adding memory and upgrading older computers as needed.

What strengths and skills will be helpful for this role?

A friendly personality  and able to work well as part of a team.  You need to be computer literate although further training can be provided if needed.  You should be patient and a logical thinker to resolve any problems which may arise.

What support can I expect to receive?

A Full induction and volunteer handbook on starting. A named contact whilst you are volunteering and further training as required.

What can I expect from volunteering with TWAM?

The warm satisfaction of being able to make a difference.  A chance to meet new people and learn new skills.  A reference if required for a future employer.

What do I do now?

Complete a short form online or download the application form here​. 

We’ll then take up references and invite you in for a visit and informal chat with one of our team.

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