Ipswich Van Driver

What attracted you to volunteer with TWAM?

In 2010 I joined the ranks of the ‘No Longer in Paid Employment’ (Otherwise known as retired!) and wanted to do some charity work.  I saw TWAM posters in several churches and having in my working life seen what packing containers involved, decided to offer my services as a van driver.  I love driving all sorts of vehicles and currently drive a Fiat Motorcaravan.

What is your typical volunteering day?

I arrive at about 8.45am and start with coffee!  I check the van over, collect my instructions for the day,  and set off. Usually I am back by 4.30pm having covered many miles and often several locations.  To date I have covered some 56000 miles!

What is your favourite thing about and what do you enjoy most?

Other than the driving itself, which I love, my favourite thing is meeting the collectors and tool donors

What is one of the most unusual or funniest things you have had to collect?*

This would have to be the tonne of sun cream I had to collect from a warehouse in Lincolnshire for shipping to Africa!

What would you say you have gained from this role?

A great appreciation of the need for the work of charities like TWAM sending out tools enabling lives to be changed and the delight of meeting other people who are still enthusiastic about this mission

Why would you recommend volunteering with TWAM to other people?

It's a great opportunity to meet and work with other people in an environment far more relaxed than employment and it's also an opportunity to share your knowledge with other people and learn new skills

*TWAM used to ship goods on behalf of other charities and this is why we sent sun cream.  There are many albino's born in Africa and they are very sensitive to the sun.  Purchasing sun cream locally is virtually impossible and very expensive, so this shipment while strange, was very important.  

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