Tool Refurbisher

What attracted you to volunteering for TWAM and to this role in particular?

I wanted to keep myself out of boredom and as I have a love of mechanics and tools, TWAM seemed an obvious choice for me to volunteer with


What is a typical volunteering shift for you like?

A volunteering shift is always busy as there are loads of incoming tools to refurbish.  It's also full of enjoyment and lots of cheerful conversation


What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

Pretty much all of it but probably most of all the achievement of changing lives through what I am doing.


And what has been one of your highlights?

It's impossible for me to pick just one.  I enjoy every day I volunteer, so they are all highlights for me


What would you say you have gained from this role?

A real sense of purpose and the feeling that I am making a difference

Why would you recommend volunteering with TWAM to other people?

There is always a fantastic atmosphere which is so important when you are volunteering.  The big reason though is that it's a great way to help others and at the same time to help yourself to regain sense of purpose in your life

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