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Ipswich Refurbishment and Distribution Centre

Refurbishment Centre Manager: Trevor Maynard

Office Manager: Jonny Green

Phone: 01473 210220 

Email: post@twam.uk

Address: 2 Bailey Close, Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate,

Ipswich.  IP2 0UD

Opening times: 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday

We're the main TWAM centre accommodating both a refurbishment workshop, warehouse and head office.  All our containers are despatched from Ipswich.  Over 50 people volunteer with us regularly and we always welcome new people. 


There is plenty of parking outside, we have male, female and disabled toilets and a nice canteen area.  Tea, coffee and biscuits are always available and volunteers can take a break whenever they want.  

There are key break times at 10.30am and 3.00pm when the bulk of the volunteers stop for a coffee and a chat.  Doughnuts and other treats regularly appear as a small thank you for everyone's support.  Anyone can use any mug or glass and you can keep drinks cold in the fridge.  Everyone shares in washing up.

Everything donated ends up in Ipswich, so we are really busy and have loads of opportunities for volunteering.  We're friendly and welcoming and would love you to come and join us.

Welcome to Ipswich

a few pictures of our centre, please scroll down for our volunteer opportunities.

Our main building
Our main building
Our canteen
Our canteen
Our building again
Our building again
Charlie refurbishing vices
Charlie refurbishing vices
The Haberdashery team hard at work
The Haberdashery team hard at work
Mary refurbishing from home
Mary refurbishing from home
A container ready to go to Uganda
A container ready to go to Uganda
An overview of the warehouse
An overview of the warehouse
A Zambia container being loaded
A Zambia container being loaded

Our volunteer opportunities


There's always lots to do and loads of different volunteering opportunities.  We're open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm so there should be times when most people can join us. 


For a description of each the volunteer roles available please go to the Join our Workshop Team and Join our Van Team pages.


We have the following teams:

Tool Sorting and Welcome Team

Tool Refurbishing Team

PAT Testing and Power Tool Team

Tool Kit Assembling Team

Sewing Machine Refurbishing Team

Knitting Machine Refurbishing Team​

Haberdashery Team

​Hand Knitting and Wool Team

IT Refurbishing Team

School Book Team

Scholar Pack Team

Container Loading Team

Van Drivers and loaders

Some of our volunteers stick to one team, but many help out wherever


Prefer to volunteer in our office? 

Then please visit the 'our head office' page

Interested in joining us?  Then here's what happens next:

The next step would be to ring or email us and arrange to pop in for an informal chat and tour.  Alternatively you could fill in the online application form or download the paper copy.  It's very short!  After that we will take up references and if they are OK we'll arrange for you to come for an induction and discuss what you would like to do it.  Then with a training session booked, you're all set to go!

Interested in joining us?  Then please apply online or download the application form here.

Trevor Maynard


Refurbishment Centre Manager

What attracted you to working for TWAM and to this role in particular?

I personally consider it an honour to be able to get involved with something which changes people's lives and when I saw this role, I knew I had the skills which I could bring to TWAM to make a difference.

What do you think your volunteers find most rewarding about volunteering in your Centre?

I think that they also love the feeling that they are making a big difference to someone's life.  In addition, though, it's the banter and the camaraderie and for many the chance to socialise with other people for a few hours