Tool Refurbisher

What attracted you to volunteering for TWAM and to this role in particular?

I think that one of the biggest attractions for me was the opportunity to learn new skills whilst supporting a good cause at the same time.


What is a typical volunteering shift for you like?

A typical day at the centre can be quite varied.  I unlock, make tea, chat to the ‘inmates’ (Also known as the other volunteers!),  unload cars bringing tools, work on refurbishing tools, sort tools and wash up. Whatever needs doing I am happy to do it


What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

We have a great mix of people volunteering at the Kenilworth centre so one of my favourite things is meeting with all the different people.


And what has been one of the highlights?

The highlights have to be those occasions when everything we need for a job just happens to turn up at the right time


What would you say you have gained from this role?

I think I have gained what I set out to do which is to learn new skills

Why would you recommend volunteering with TWAM to other people?

Volunteering for TWAM is very therapeutic, but also very gratifying knowing what a difference you are making by the small

part you are playing

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