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Our other volunteer roles from home

We know that many people who want to support us and volunteer their time may not be anywhere near one of our Refurbishment Centres.  

That's not a problem as we have plenty of really important volunteer roles that can be done from home.   



If you are interested in any of these we describe them fully under the where you live tab.  Please click on the role titles to go directly the relevant page.

Volunteer Speakers

This is a great role for anyone who likes meeting people and being out front.  We need people who can deliver a talk or sermon with passion.  Ideally people who are familiar with PowerPoint and are willing to use modern media methods.  We have requests from all sorts of groups from Churches, Community Groups, Rotary Clubs, Schools and any number of other organisations.  You will need to let us know what groups you are comfortable speaking to.  


You will be provided with a Volunteer Speaker pack containing scripts for sermons and general talks.  These are accompanied by PowerPoint presentations and A3 photos should PowerPoint not be available.  You will also be given all our latest resources and have access to up to date case studies should you wish to put together your own talks.  Whether you use one of our talks or one of your own we do ask that you leave people with the challenge to support us through tools, financial support and if appropriate prayer.

Sue Maloney.jpg

Sue (volunteer speaker)
I meet some fabulous people who want to help and who believe like myself in what we do.  It's great too to meet and make friends with many volunteer drivers, admin staff and other volunteers.

Paul (Country Coordinator)

I was not convinced that just giving money to people was the best solution and TWAM’s concept of giving tools seemed the right way to help those in need. Meeting and seeing people using our tools has been inspirational.    When I see people with so little, this gives me the motivation I need to tackle my role.

Country Coordinators_edited_edited.jpg

Volunteer Country Coordinators

Country Coordinators are our main contact with groups applying for tools in Africa.  If you have experience of working in Africa or simply want to expand your horizons this role may be for you.  It's time consuming and challenging. as applications come in daily from our dedicated website via online application or email.  As English is most applicants second language, it can be fun working out what they are saying.

This role is at the heart of TWAM's operation and will require constant communication with the Operations Manager and Refurbishment Centre Manager.   This role also requires regular contact with our in-country partners and teams who receive our containers, distribute the tools and support applicants.

The way it works

Each Country Coordinator is responsible for a specific country in Africa, currently these are DR Congo,  Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  

The Coordinator receives applications for tools which comprise of an application form about the organisation applying and a separate application for tools.  On receipt,  these are recorded into a spreadsheet, an application number given and correspondence filed.  The Coordinator will then assess the group applying and the tools they have requested and following agreed guidelines make an offer of tools.  Applicants are asked to contribute a small amount towards the cost of their tools.

When the container spreadsheet is complete it is handed over to the Operations Manager, who then takes responsibility for arranging shipping to the in-country partner.


Interested in joining us?  Then please apply online or download the application form here

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