Refurbishment Centre Manager (Volunteer)

What attracted you to TWAM and to this role in particular?

Scotland’s regional manager met my wife by chance some 7 years ago and suggested that I join TWAM.  After some years, the branch was looking for a replacement manager. I didn't feel capable of this role but with our foreman (now assistant manager) and accountant by my side, I have managed so far!

Tell us briefly about a typical day for you at the centre?

I answer calls and emails referring to collectors or HQ, arrange purchases and payments for things  not dealt with by the accountant and I might visit the bank or the metals reclamation centre with the trailer.  I also help look after the kitchen and wash room and if I still have time after that may do some tool refurbishment or metal separation work.

As a volunteer yourself, what is your favourite thing about volunteering?

I like reclaiming metal from composite tools.

What would you say you have gained from this role?

From this role, I think that I have gained more business experience and a wider knowledge in different areas.

As the centre manager, what do you find the most rewarding and the most challenging about working with the volunteers in your centre?

It's great seeing people come in and gain a new confidence in new areas and so more perceive their worth.

What do you think are the benefits of volunteering?

Volunteering is great for us to be able to socialise whilst doing good;  swapping our skills so that we all learn things including skills we never knew before.

And finally, in a brief sentence, why do you think people should consider volunteering for TWAM?

To gain some work experience whilst serving a very worthy cause.

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