Democratic Republic of Congo Country Coordinator

What attracted you to volunteering with TWAM and to this role in particular?

I had heard about TWAM some years before I retired.  A quilting friend volunteered in Haberdashery. On my first day she couldn't be there so I quickly learned to pack Haberdashery boxes!  From there, I have had various roles including packing wool, cleaning and sorting knitting needles (I gave up counting after packing more than 20,000 pairs in my first year!), sorting drill bits and servicing sewing Machines.  So, I had been involved with TWAM for some time but agreed to take on this additional role as I felt it was an extension of what I was already doing, as it involved being in contact with those who needed the tools and used them


What is most inspiring about volunteering as a country coordinator?

The fact that people's hopes and dreams are fulfilled almost beyond our imagination by the simple provision of one of our kits of refurbished tools.


And what part of the role is most challenging?

It is challenging to hear about the problems our friends in the Democratic Republic of Congo face and how they are working so hard to raise the money to help transport the tools which will give hope to a war torn country.


What would you say you have gained from this role?

I have  gained a real insight into life in the DRC and have come to understand the role of the workshop manager.


And finally, why would you recommend volunteering with TWAM to other people

It’s great.  There is good fellowship and laughter and a lot of care for each other as we service tools and kits to a standard we would like to receive.  It's also a great opportunity to spend a little time knowing that this is transforming someone's life

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