Community Champion

The main role of a Community Champion is to help raise support for TWAM in their community. This will mean organising events (or finding people to organise them) such as coffee mornings, quiz nights, open gardens and all sorts of creative ways to fundraise. It means keeping an eye on what is going on in the community and perhaps finding people to enter sponsored events such as fun runs, 10Ks, walks for TWAM.

Community Champions can work with local Tool Ambassadors who collect the tools, Community Ambassadors who go out to speak for TWAM and Church Ambassadors who represent us in local churches. Indeed, the Community Champion may do many of these things as well,  but crucially, this role brings everything together and mobilises people to support TWAM.

It is a role that really suits an enthusiastic social person who loves engaging with their community and getting people excited about a great cause.

The role is really flexible as every community is different and every Community Champion has their own skills and friendship circle to build upon. If you think this role would suit you, we would love to talk to you.


Working from home, so anywhere in the UK is possible.

Time commitment

It's really up to you and will depend on the opportunities in your area. We would encourage you to be proactive and take every opportunity to promote TWAM and engage with your community.