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So many amazing ways to change a life!

The Baptist church was involved from the beginning of TWAM and many Baptists are still involved with TWAM today.  It would be great if you would join them.

So thank you for your interest in Tools with a Mission.  It’s great that you have clicked through to our website and are keen to learn more about what we do and how you may be able to help.

The origins of Tools with a Mission go back to 1978 when Jack Norwood a deacon at Belle Vue Baptist Church in Southend-on-Sea was asked to get involved with a project making incubators for Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo).  From there the idea blossomed into the supply of tools.  The Baptist Men’s movement adopted the idea and Tools with a Mission was formed as a result in 1984.

So why should you think of supporting Tools with a Mission? 


Put simply because we all benefit.  Most churches and Christians struggle to build links with their community and gain those precious opportunities to engage with people.  People understand what we do because it is so simple and it just makes sense.  So when a church opens a tool collection point or holds regular collection days, their community responds.   If churches choose to start collecting tools as well, it is not so hard to recruit a team of enthusiastic locals and with it the valuable relationships.  Indeed, it is a great way to be salt and light into your community and many tools donations come following bereavement and the time when people most need someone to show them some care and support.


We gain tools that will transform lives and you can the potential to reach out into your community.

Why do we do this?  

There are 4 main reasons we’d like to mention

Firstly, it’s great for the environment as we save hundreds of tonnes of unwanted tools going to landfill every year and we give them new life.

Second, we enable people to transform their communities whilst giving dignity to them by respecting their culture.  We do this by not telling them what they need – instead they tell us and we provide the tools!

Thirdly, it supports sustainable projects.  With a combination of tool and training, projects and communities are created which become economically independent and don’t need constant funding.  To coin an old phrase – it’s a hand up not a hand out.


Finally, and why you are hopefully here, it gives purpose to our volunteers in the UK, who are people just like you. 


TWAM is such a friendly place to volunteer and we like to think of ourselves as a family where people can find friendship, support and purpose.

TWAM has exciting plans over the next few years to grow in size so we can help even more people in Africa but to do so we need many more people to help

  1. We need people to refurbish tools at our Ipswich, Midlands and Halstead centres

  2. We need tool collectors all over England and Wales.

  3. We need drivers in Ipswich, Coventry, Redcar, Farnham and Maidstone

So why not have a look around.  Here are some great places to start:


Join a workshop team

Join the tool collector team

Join a driving team

Any questions please just ask our Volunteer Coordinator Paul Daley by email or phone:

01473 210220

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