Volunteer Area Development Coordinator

Volunteer role description

Where will be volunteering?

This is a role where you will volunteer from home,  and out and about in your local area

What commitment is expected from me 

This is flexible—it is a role where ‘what you get out’ depends on ‘what you put in’

What will I be helping to achieve?

You will be looking for opportunities to promote TWAM and to raise TWAM’s profile helping us to collect more tools, raise

more money to support the work and to attract additional volunteers

What are the main things I will be doing?

This is a networking, wide ranging and flexible role but some of the things you might do include:

  • Putting literature into local churches

  • Asking groups such as Rotary  if they would like a speaker to come and speak

  • Putting on an event to raise money

  • Arranging a Tool collection at a local supermarket

  • Dealing with enquiries TWAM receives to help support other events being put on in your area

  • Working with others within TWAM to build a strong network in the area

What strengths and skills will be helpful for this role?

This is a great role if you enjoy meeting people and networking.  It  is helpful if you are a creative thinker.  You should be

able to show initiative and have the ability to complete the tasks you commit to.  You should be organised and reliable and 

able to respond to queries and requests in a timely manner.  You should be a good communicator, polite and helpful and 

able to express passion in what you do.    

What support can I expect to receive?

A Full induction and volunteer handbook on starting. A named contact whilst you are volunteering and further training as


What can I expect from volunteering with TWAM?

The warm satisfaction of being able to make a difference.  A chance to meet new people and learn new skills.  A reference

if required for a future employer.


What do I do now?

Complete a short form online or download the application form here​. 

We’ll then take up references and invite you in for a visit and informal chat with one of our team.


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